M-145 Robotic Platform

Radio Controlled 4wd Mobile Robotic Platform with a Hit Reactive Mannequin that detects bullet strikes and reacts to those strikes. Depending on the settings of the custom designed circuit board the platform will stop movement and drop the mannequin providing a realistic training scenario for law enforcement and military personnel. From concept, through the R+D phases and into final production Embedded Design provided this robotic platform to its customer. This platform has become the market leader in cost effective training aids for law enforcement and military agencies. The customer came to Embedded with an idea, a budget and a final price point for the platform. Embedded was able to meet all goals and budget constraints for this project while remaining on schedule for delivery at SHOT show 2010.

Aluminum Casting Design

This cast aluminum chassis was designed by EDS engineers who worked with the sand casters to develop the mold required to produce them. The engineers also worked with the machine shop to create drawings for a part that was CNC machine compatible for long run production.

PTX-200 Wireless Transmitter

Handheld Wireless 900 MHz Transmitter with 4x16 LCD character display. Device was designed, programmed and assembled by Embedded Design. This transmitter uses COTS cases, display, RF module in conjunction with custom Circuit Boards, Membrane Keypad and Firmware.

Short Run PCB Assembly

Lot of prototype circuit boards designed and assembled by Embedded. This small run batch was assembled in-house using a stainless steel stencil to apply solder paste, components placed onto the blank circuit board and re-flowed in our batch oven.

PT-61 Assembly

The unit shown was completely designed by Embedded Design Solutions Engineers. From concept through current production EDS services all aspects of this product. The device contains two custom circuit boards, an off the shelf radio module, custom cabling, a 12V DC motor and a 12V Sealed Lead Acid battery. Embedded Design provides a turnkey product supply chain for this device including packing and shipment to the end user via common carrier and freight truck.

PCB Assembly

Another example of a custom PCB assembly designed by Embedded engineers. Production quantities of this board are about 500 units per year. Production of this circuit board is done by an assembly house in the Minneapolis area. EDS has great relationships with high quality vendors to take over when production levels exceed EDS's capabilities. Once assembly is complete the boards are then installed in products at the EDS facility and shipped out all over the world.

ET-85 RF Control Board

This assembly was Designed and Produced by EDS. This board has a 900MHz Xbee module mounted to it, receives commands from an RF link and controls a Linear Actuator through an H-Bridge. The PWM control of bridge is done through a Microchip microcontroller. The board has High Side Current Monitoring for fault conditions such as stall, overload and short circuit protection.

ST-71 Long Distance Sniper Target

The ST-71 as our customer calls it is another example of the turnkey design and production offered at Embedded Design. From concept, through mechanical design, electrical design, testing, pre-production, production and shipping EDS offers turnkey support for its customers. A new addition to the product line, EDS took an existing concept and "designed the cost out" offering its customer a unit that can sell for 30% less than any other unit with comparable features while offering a more durable, robust unit.

PT-61 Portable Tactical Target

The PT-61B is a market leader in the firearms training industry. The PT-61 was designed by EDS engineers and is currently supported by Embedded Design with 300 to 500 units sold annually. This unit is controlled through an RF link at 900MHz at distances up to 2000 meters. This unique target offers the ability to present the shooter with 3 different actions, not only popping up and down but also twisting while in motion. The twisting feature forces the shooter to identify the threat and determine if action is justified or not. The concept turned the training industry upside down and is now the most copied technology in the industry. The device shown has two DC motors controlled by PWM bridges, contains 5 microcontrollers linked by RS-232 and SPI style protocols. There is also a half-duplex RS-485 data port provided on the exterior of the unit.

MT-74 Moving Target System

The MT-74 is a 4wd Heavy duty Robotic Platform offering up to 150# of carry capacity, speeds up to 15 fps, control ranges to 1000 meters, options such as paintball shoot back systems, reactive mannequins, and a universal mounting platform for integration of numerous other equipment.

MT-72 Moving Target System

The MT-72 is a 2wd robotic platform based on the MT-74 design that allows the user to install a track created from simple electrical conduit. Once the track is in place the MT-72 travels in a repetitive course in forward or reverse directions.

E-Series Targets

The E series of products offers customers an alternative line of equipment for training needs. In today's budget strapped economy EDS saw a need for cost-effective solutions that offer all key features of the more expensive gear. EDS worked with its customer to develop this line of products. Embedded Design took their idea to the customer and together they worked out the E-series, which will hopefully fill a void in the market and provide cash strapped agencies the ability to animate their training.

PT-68 Long Range Sniper Target

The PT-68 is an addition to the PT series of targets that can act as a steel plate lifter for sniper training or can be fitted with a full size 3D mannequin for life like training. Controlled by the PTX transmitter the 68 can be used in conjunction with PT-61 units to complete any range.

Camera Leveling Platform

This device is an example of how Embedded Design gets involved with cutting edge technology and produces really cool products. This unit uses 3-Axis Accelerometers, a Rate Gyro, Optical Encoders, Brushless Gear Motors, a PWM controlled 3 phase bridge, Micro SD interface, a 128 x 256 LCD Graphics Module, a Coldfire Processor, Dual Proximity Sensors and Custom Circuit Boards. This device provides +/- 8 degrees of fluid leveling action through the use of High-End THK curved ball guides, a curved rack gear coupled by a spur-gear to the high torque brushless gear motor.