At EDS we have years of experience coating and potting circuit boards. The engineers at EDS have developed methods to provide any level of protection you may need. EDS can offer coatings that are sprayed, dipped and poured onto circuit boards. EDS has potted assemblies using potting boxes and silicone molds. Our coatings offer protection against moisture, solvents, oil, dust, and even water. If you are looking for “waterproof” circuit boards look no further. EDS can offer two different levels of water resistance for circuit boards. We can pour a thick, “waterproof” coating over your board or design a custom silicone mold and actually encase your assembly into a brick of “waterproof” material.

Potting and Gluing: At EDS we can also Pot and Glue assemblies together. We work with customer specified materials to perform any process you currently have or develop a new process to fixture and bond assemblies together. If you need to Pot a circuit board into a box or bond different materials together we can help with process development and production..