Urethane Coating of Circuit Board

Encapsulation of a circuit board in Urethane to provide a high level of water protection. Boards put through this process can installed in an unsealed enclosure without any worry of failure due to moisture, dust, dirt or other contaminants.

Silicone Coating of Circuit Board

This circuit board has coated with a single stage silicone. The silicone provides an inexpensive durable coating that can be applied to the board after testing is complete. The silicone provides environmental protection as well as mechanical protection from impacts and debris. Further the silicone aids in vibration reduction for critical components and connectors in the harsh environment this product is used in.

Urethane Encapsulation of PCB

This is an example of a Urethane Encapsulated circuit board. Through the use of Silicone Molds using a process developed by Embedded Engineers we are able to provide a circuit board that is totally incased in a waterproof material. The process provides the highest level of water protection available for circuit boards. Although it is never recommended to label PCB's as waterproof we have demonstrated the effectiveness of our process by running boards while submerged. We do not advocate the running of boards while submerged, however it does protect units that accidentally become wet while in normal use.

Epoxy Encapsulation in Potting Box

This is an example of how we can use off-the-shelf potting boxes to encapsulate your assembly in epoxy in order protect the board. The black epoxy not only protects from the elements, acts a heat sink it also provides integrity to assembly and eliminates prying eyes from copying your design. A vast range of materials can be used to meet the exact needs of each project. We can also use epoxy to fill and seal openings in your custom housing after circuit boards are mounted.