We are your one stop shop for complete design solutions. At EDS we are happy to assist with any and all parts of your design needs. Our speciality is the ability to offer support from concept to consumer for all your product needs. We typically start with any idea you may have and finish with a packaged, market ready product. After 10 Years in the Design and Assembly field we know how to design for manufacturability.

Electrical Design - Like our name suggests we specialize in board level Embedded Design Solutions using Microcontrollers, FPGA's and CPLD's . We can start from sketches on napkins, Create Schematics, Generate Net Lists, Layout PCB's and provide Gerber Files ready to be ordered at any raw board manufacturer. If you need proto's produced check out our prototype services and assembly capabilities.

Software Design - For less involved projects we can write your software in-house using Assembly Language or BASIC flashed directly into the target device. If your project is more involved we can offer programming In C/C++ or any other language with our third party software engineers.

Mechanical Design - We don't stop at Electrical Design. EDS has the unique ability to provide integrated mechanical design around your product needs. We offer simple designs using off the shelf enclosures and boxes or complex product specific designs ready for injection molding or sand casting. We offer 3D modeling using the latest in mechanical design software, You will know what your product looks like before the first part is ordered.

Prototype Design - From Initial concept through prototype, production prototype and finishing with a production ready product we can provide any level of support you may need on your next project.

Other Design Services: Packaging, Gasketing, Revision Upgrades, Component Substitution, Manual Writing, Assembly Procedures, Test Procedures, Process development

Sample Projects:

  • Dual Axis Target Lifter for Law enforcement and Military Firearms Training
  • Radio Control of 200 lifters at ranges of 200m, 600m and 2Km
  • Low Cost Target Lifter with Push-button controller, range up to 500m
  • Mobile Robotic Platform with Hit Stop and Drop function
  • Self Contained Auto Reset Steel Plate Sniper Target
  • Security Keypad for unlocking wire and carpet racks in retail stores
  • LAN control of 242 unique latches for theft deterrent dispenser using an FPGA and 4 CPLDs
  • Leveling Platform +/- 8° for Television and Movie Cameras
  • 169 Node Sampler using 182 Microcontrollers for Fuel Cell Research