Laser Engraved Water Bottle

Custom graphics and text can be engraved on a variety of materials. Great for gifts and personalization of products.

Laser Cutting of Rubber for short run and prototype parts

This application is great for cutting gaskets or other items that would normally require a Steel Rule Die. With a Cad drawing we can cut your part in a matter of minutes for a fraction of the cost of a steel rule die. No more waiting for dies to be made. In most cases parts can ship same day.

Laser Cutting of PSA backed Foam Sheet

This foam gasket demonstrates a slightly more complicated shape that can be cut using the Laser. Our 50W laser can cut any shape that can be drawn in your CAD or graphics program and exported to a vector line drawing. This closed cell foam sheet is Laser cut into gaskets for a product that Embedded Design assembles. The use of the laser allows for quick turn of custom products to customer specifications without the need for Steel Rule Dies.

Laser Cutting and Engraving of Acrylic

The Laser can cut shapes from 12" x 24" Acrylic sheets into many complicated shapes. The parts shown here were used in a proof-of-concept design. From DXF CAD drawings we are able to cut any shape you can draw. The same principle applies to many other materials as shown with the foam and rubber sections. The Laser can partially engrave material also for Epoxy Ink Backfill. In addition the Laser can create stencils for marking personal items or cut letters for signs.

Cut and Engrave Flexi-Brass

The Laser can cut and engrave a material by Rowmark called Flexibrass. This is the material used in picture framing to create the title and artist tag often seen on framed artwork. We have adapted the process to create custom labels for use in short-run, custom and one-off products. This overlay was used on a prototype transmitter before custom multi-color overlays were created. Through the use of this material the customer was able to demonstrate the new product with a professional looking legend on the transmitter.